More Western Union transactions lead to more surprises with Halkbank AD Skopje!

Respected clients,

From now on, usage of the Western Union service in Halkbank AD Skopje, bring you additional value!

Besides fast service and fast transfer of money, you gain surprise gift!

The more Western Union transactions you make, the bigger surprises you will gain!

Starting from May, Halkbank AD Skopje will surprise the own clients who will make Western Union transactions in min. amount above 3.000 EUR on monthly bases. It’s only needed to send and/or receive money through Western Union in the Halkbank AD Skopje Branches during the whole month and from the following month clients to expect to be contacted by our side.

Don’t forget, higher amount of transactions bring you bigger surprises!

Halkbank appreciate your time and your choice for transfer money through the Branches and Halkbank suspire you for it!

The service for receiving money is available in the afternoon hours through the Ramstore Sub Branch every day from 10:00 till 22:00!

Be step closer to your loved ones!

Visit the nearest Halkbank Branch and be part of the successfully story of Western Union.

With respect,
Halkbank AD Skopje

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