Thanks to the long term successful cooperation with Macedonian Bank for Development and  Promotion ( MBDP) Halkbank AD Skopje  currently use  two credit lines  to  provides finance to - small and medium-sized enterprises registered in the R. Macedonia.

Currently in Halkbank AD Skopje are active credit line from European Investment Bank (EIB) - 100,000,000 Euros and KFW. Whit this we continue to support SME and Corporate client s in their development and growing with low interest rate competitive on the market.

Fees and conditions

Fees and Contiditons

Target group: Independent SMEs* (with less than 250 employees on an indeterminate period)

Loan amount: 5.000 EUR-666.700 EUR (project amount should not exceed 25 million EUR)

Tenor: 2-3 years (including 6 months grace period)

Terms of repayment: Equal monthly installments

Interest rate: 5,5%

Administration fee: up to 1%

Collateral:   Combination of the following instruments: promissory note in form of a notary act;  physical entities guarantors;  mortgage  on real estate, pledge on movables and rights, other collateral acceptable to the Bank 

Excluded sectors:

  • Manufacturing of weapon and amunition and similar products;
  • Equipment for lottery and casino games and similar equipment;
  • Manufacturing, processing and distribution of tobacco;
  • Activities including life animals for experimental and scientific objectives;
  • Activities encouraging negative effects on the environment;
  • Sectors which are controversal on ethical and moral basis or which are forbidden by the national law;
  • Development of activities with real estate;
  • Only financial activities. For example, trading with financial instruments;

*SMEs are considered to be independent if:

  • Less than 25% of the equity belongs to another company;
  • 25% or more of the equity belongs to another company, but the group employs less than 250 people;
  • 25% or more of the equity belongs to state body (usually municipality) and the same has annual budget less than 10 million EUR and less than 5000 residents;
  • Up to 50% of the equity belongs to companies or institutions which aim is to promote SMEs (such as angel investors, universities or non-profit centres for research, institutional investors etc.) 

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