For the national economy

The banking sector is the pillar of the economy of each country and therefore it is extremely important to be stable and well capitalized. The Macedonian banking sector is well capitalized, and with sound solvency, position and tendency to increase profitability, leading to stimulation of credit supply. The lending activity of domestic banks is an important factor in supporting the consumption and investment decisions of the private sector.

Halkbank with the performance it achieves every year, as well as with its lending activities aimed at households and the corporate sector, it gives strong support to the banking and financial sector, but also to the economy of the Republic of North Macedonia. The Bank constantly strives to create products tailored to the customers’ needs, and special attention is paid to the creation of new products and services, both for the corporate sector and the population, which enables the bank to achieve growth targets by maintaining a sustainable level of profitability. In the focus of lending activities are the small and medium enterprises as a segment that has a huge contribution to the development of the economy of each country.

In 2019, Halkbank continued with the pace of 2018 in which it made a profit of 10.7 million euro. In 2019, the profit amounted to 11.4 million euro, assets increased more than 10 percent, market share in lending increased, and the same growing trend was registered in the area of ​​deposits. Halkbank is the fourth largest bank in the market in terms of assets, 935 million euro, and the fourth largest bank in terms of profit.

Halkbank was the first bank to invest directly in the insurance sector and became the owner of Halk Insurance.

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