HalkBank Debit and Credit Cards – for all your wishes!

  • Withdraw cash from any ATM in the country or abroad with our debit and credit cards
  • Pay installments without interests, and collect BONUS points with our credit cards

The debit and credit cards issued by HalkBank AD Skopje feature the highest security standards in Internet payments (3D Secure - Verified by Visa - VbV и MC Secure Code).

Apply for the Mastercard Debit Contactless, Visa PayWave Electron, Visa Platinum, Mastercard Credit Contactless, Mastercard Standard, Mastercard World, Visa Classic, Visa PayWave Credit or Visa Gold through the online application.

The electronic and mobile banking make your transactions faster and easier.

The cards are 24/7 readily available to you through our ATM network.

3D Secure

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