An opportunity for fast and easy CONTACTLESS payment anywhere featuring the sign for contactless payment.

PIN or signature authorization is not required for transactions limited to MKD 2.000 or to the limit for contactless payment set at the terminal accepting contactless cards.

The Mastercard Standard credit cards provide you with the opportunity to use the available funds from your revolving loan limit with a 24/7 access.

The card is intended for cashless payments in the trade network, and cash withdrawals at the Bank’s ATMs and counters. The card is international, meaning it supports commission-fee online payments for the domestic and foreign online shops. The client using the card is notified about each payment made through email.

The cards issued by HalkBank AD Skopje feature the highest security standards in Internet payments (3D Secure - MC Secure Code).

If interested in applying, please fill out our online application form or visit the nearest HalkBank AD Skopje branch by submitting this Application form.

To receive SMS notifications for every payment you make - please fill out the SMS Info application, and leave it at the nearest HalkBank AD Skopje branch, or send it to

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Rates and fees

Fee for preparation of main card 150 MKD
Fee for preparation of additional card 150 MKD
Fee for re-issuing main/additional card 150 MKD
Re-issuing before the maturity of main/additional card (demaged/lost card) 300 MKD
Fee for urgent preparation of main/ additional card 800 MKD
Fee for unjustified reclamation  800 MKD
Cash withdrawals at ATM’s of Halkbank 3% minimum 200 MKD
Cash withdrawals at ATM’s of other banks 3,5% minimum 250 MKD
Cash withrawals on counters of the Bank 3,5% minimum 250 MKD
Cash withdrawals on counters of the other Banks 3,5% minimum 250 MKD
Annual membership fee for main credit card  First year 4.000 MKD *for the following years according to the ladder annual fee
Annual membership fee for additional credit card  3.000 MKD 
Ladder fee for main card  
For realized annual turnover of min 150.000 MKD No annual fee
Fee for invoice issuance No fee
Fee for warning letter 100 MKD
Card blocking by demand from the client through Help 24,e-mail or with written demand No fee
Card unblocking by demand from the client through Help 24,e-mail or with written demand 200 MKD
Credit limit change 300 MKD
Pin set   No fee
Changing of PIN on counter 150 MKD
Amount of credit limit Based on credit policies
Fee for issuing  statement for  creditcard   300 MKD


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