Characteristics and benefits of the product

Contactless credit card for easy and fast transaction for individuals

Premium credit card that enables customers to enjoy the benefits offered by Mastercard Club for Premium users.

An international card that supports online payment without commission for transactions on domestic and foreign web pages. The user may use the available funds from the approved revolving credit limit and have access to the same 24/7.

Amount of credit limit: Up to 1.200.000,00 MKD  or according to the credit policies of the Bank for granting loans to individuals and policies of cards

You can pay minimum 10% plus Intallment of the overall debt on monthly basis

By using the Mastercard World customers have the opportunity to collect bonus points and use them in everyday shopping on the POS terminals of Halkbank AD Skopje.

Possibility of payment of installments without interest at the Bank's partners

Mastercard World credit card issued by Halkbank AD Skopje has the highest standard for online payment security 3D Secure - Mastercard Secure Code.

Halkbank AD Skopje also allows Mastercard World card users to participate in the Lounge Key program.

The issued Lounge Key membership for the users of Mastercard World will provide additional advantages and benefits, allows access to the lounges in over 800 airports around the world.

For more information of the airports included in the program, as well as the terms of use, please see the following link


Rates and fees

Fee for preparation of main card 100,00 MKD
Fee for preparation of additional card 100,00 MKD
Fee for re-issuing main/additional card 100,00 MKD
Re-issuing before the maturity of main/additional card (demaged/lost card) 300,00 MKD
Fee for urgent preparation of main/ additional card 600,00 MKD
Fee for unjustified reclamation  600,00 MKD
Cash withdrawals at ATM’s of Halkbank 2,50 % minimum 150,00 MKD
Cash withdrawals at ATM’s of other banks 3,0% minimum 200,00 MKD
Cash withrawals on counters of the Bank 3,0% minimum 200,00 MKD
Cash withdrawals on counters of the other Banks 3,0% minimum 200,00 MKD
Annual membership fee for main credit card  First year 3.000,00 mkd *Other years according to the ladder annual fee
Annual membership fee for additional credit card  First year 1.500,00 mkd *Other years according to the ladder annual fee
Ladder fee
For realized annual turnover of min 150.000,00 MKD No annual fee
Fee for invoice issuance No fee
Fee for warning letter 100,00 MKD
Card blocking by demand from the client through Help 24,e-mail or with written demand No fee
Card unblocking by demand from the client through Help 24,e-mail or with written demand 200,00 MKD
Increase of credit limit 300,00 MKD
Pin set   No fee
Changing of PIN on counter 50,00 MKD
Amount of credit limit maximum up to 1.200.000, 00 mkd

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