Bilal Sujubashi, Chief Executive Officer in Halkbank AD Skopje

Dear shareholders, customers, dear colleagues, friends,

The year behind us wasn’t easy, it was full of challenges. Instead of the world recovering economically from the health crisis, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict took place, leading to an economic crisis with far-reaching consequences. All countries in the world are struggling with the energy crisis and disruptions in supply chains, with high prices and inflation that in many countries is in double digits, inflation that hasn’t been seen for decades, since the 90s.

This inevitably caused changes in the monetary policy of the central banks, whose signals are followed by the banking sectors in all countries. In order to maintain medium-term price stability, central banks tried to stabilize inflationary expectations by tightening monetary policy, that is, by raising the base interest rate. From April 2022, when the base interest rate was 1.25% onwards, the Central Bank, in order to maintain the stability of the exchange rate and medium-term price stability, made several corrections and it is currently at the level of 4.75%.

Of course, it is important to emphasize that despite the extremely complex conditions, the domestic banking sector was resilient and represented a pillar of the economy and the population. And confidence in it remained high as deposits and lending to both the corporate and household sectors continued to grow.

Despite the current crisis, Halkbank delivered extremely positive results in every domain in this year. We note a significant result in terms of the deposit base, where we have an increase of 136 million euros, of which 72 million belong to deposits from customers - legal and natural persons. In terms of loans, we have a total increase of over 121 million euros. Our assets with the calculated increase now already amount to 1.36 billion euros. Our net profit for 2022 amounts to 12.077 million euros. While the level of NPL in the bank is once again extremely below the average in the sector and amounts to 1.47%. All this confirms the fact that Halkbank is one of the most reliable and stable banks in the region, ready to deal with all kinds of crises.

Even in this new situation, Halkbank made an effort to deliver products in accordance with the needs of the market, but also innovative products as part of our strategy to be leaders in the introduction of products based on new technologies and digitalization. Our various products and services are always present in the market in order to meet the demands and needs of customers whose satisfaction is our main goal. This principle guides all our activities and is applied in our daily engagements.

Halkbank once again confirmed its position as one of the biggest and strongest brands on the Macedonian financial market.

As the fastest growing bank on the market, Halkbank AD Skopje today also means employment for over 700 employees, a wide network of branches, ATMs and active POS terminals available at numerous trading partners and a bank that serves thousands of citizens, as well as small, medium and corporate enterprises and public institutions.

We are also a socially responsible company that is committed to increase the common good for people, nature, the environment, culture and sports. And last year we had numerous campaigns aimed at children, campaigns to support the older generations, to pregnant women, to support sports events, culture, education for young people, inclusiveness, to use non-cash payment methods based on new technologies... And of course, what is our hallmark, encouraging green practices, both by supporting companies with environmental projects that contribute to the protection of nature, and directly through our activities that take place through the HalkEco platform. All this is within the framework of our policy to give strong support to the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the protection of nature, which is recognized in society, as evidenced by the award for the best socially responsible practice for HalkEco from the Ministry of Economy.

We start the new year 2023 with strong hope that it will be better. Our goal in the coming period will be to expand the range of innovative products and services in order to ensure customer satisfaction, providing superior products and services to the real sector, adopting a high-quality customer-oriented service approach. Of course, our focus will be ensuring continuous development and motivation of employees and monitoring global banking trends with the aim of Halkbank being the first bank to implement and bring them closer to the Macedonian market. The most important thing, in this mission of ours, is that we donot only follow business interests, but our attention is focused on making the whole society feel our engagement and contribution to its development.

With respect,
Bilal Sujubashi, Chief Executive Officer in Halkbank AD Skopje

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