Dear shareholders, clients, dear colleagues, friends,

Over the past year, as we have faced numerous challenges due to the negative impact of the pandemic, Halkbank has tirelessly supported the economy and the population, as demonstrated by its excellent performance and offering a wide range of products and services.

The basis of our work is the motto "People matter", so, during 2021 we showed care for our customers, business partners, but also for the community in which we work.

Although the conditions did not allow the realization of some of our ideas, with a joint effort and appropriate adaptation to such a situation, we managed to achieve many of the plans we set at the beginning of the year. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to point out that this year we have seen excellent business results from operations, as well as credit growth of 12% and growth of the deposit base of 10%.

When it comes to credit products for households, there is an increase of 25% compared to 2020, in housing loans.

The credit support that the Bank selflessly provides to businesses in the country is reflected in the 18% increase in loans to legal entities, ie loans to small businesses. The stated results achieved in 2021 brought Halkbank to 10.6 million euros realized profit and contributed to an increase of 18% in the profit of the Bank, whose assets amounted to 1.182 million euros at the end of the year, which is an increase of 9% compared to 2020.

Starting from the essence of our motto, Halkbank sought to raise awareness of the importance of including people with disabilities in the society and improving the conditions in which they are educated. For that purpose, the Bank financially supported the construction of inclusive playgrounds in the primary school in Tetovo and a sensory room in the primary school in Ohrid.

The social responsibility was focused on dealing with the crisis, but we did not neglect our orientation towards the regular social projects that we support through the years of our activity.

At the same time, as a socially responsible company, Halkbank worked hard to find solutions to numerous ECO projects, even in a pandemic. As a project that we believe will continue to contribute to the formation of healthy habits among citizens, the HalkEco application has shown that the population is strongly motivated to reach out to nature and replace their car with a bicycle or electric scooter and perform physical activities, in return for the Hulk Eco gift.

Under the auspices of this application, last year was held the second edition of the Halk Velo Green bicycle race in Mavrovo, which turned it into a traditional race, with which funds collected from registration fees were planted 7,700 new seedlings in the vicinity of St. Nikole.

Considering that the HalkEco application is already a symbol for encouraging healthy habits and protection of the environment, in that direction the race "HalkEco Skopje runs 10KM" was re-organized.

Through the successful operation of HalkEco, it was possible to arrange a green corner in the City Park in the city of Gostivar, as a donation of the Bank to the Municipality of Gostivar.

Among the many attractive products of Halkbank, last year, in October - the month of savings, the PROMO deposit was activated, which offered customers the opportunity to term the funds at 13 and 25 months with very attractive interest rates. The EVOLVE deposit was also offered to the depositors, which is characterized by a growing interest rate, which grows every 6 months, so, for 24 months as a minimum period for term deposit, a yield of 2.7% can be achieved for deposits in denars.

In addition to supporting sports, In 2021, we have made a significant contribution to the community by supporting culture, nature conservation and supporting the youngest. The New European Film Festival - Beach Film Festival, which with its concept stands out from other festival standards, received support from the Bank, as well as the festival When in Krusevo, which aims to promote the city of Krushevo, as a famous tourist center within the country.

High on Halkbank's priority list for the past year has been the support of pre-school and school-age children. Such support began with the Bank joining the global initiative to mark April 2 - International Children's Book Day, by creating the illustrated story "Halki Picture Book", which several thousand students received as a gift.

2021 was significant for Halkbank AD Skopje because the payment operations of the state-owned company Makedonska Posta started to take place through it, which has an extremely important place in the total payment operations in the country, because over 25% of the total payment operations take place through the Post Office in North Macedonia. Payment operations now take place through Halkbank AD Skopje, in a total of 324 active post offices of Makedonska Posta AD with 470 counters that are available to citizens to make all cash payments, including payments for utility bills.

Halkbank today is a leader in offering personalized banking services, as well as in introducing new technologies and providing fast service through a highly developed, modern platform of alternative channels. It was also recognized by the prestigious Global Brands Magazine, which named Halkbank the "Best Financial Brand, North Macedonia 2021" for its exceptional commitment to innovation, quality, activities for branding, customer service and performance.

Such results of the work are a confirmation that we are a serious, stable and loyal partner of the citizens, the economy, but also of the whole society in our country.

This year, we will make the most of the experience we gained last year and it will serve as a basis for effective action, investing in the common good and providing support where it is most needed.

We will work together to strengthen our brand, in order to realize our vision of a leading bank in the region that is able to fulfill all the requirements of universal banking.

Acting primarily on human and then on business values, we are aware of our corporate and social duty and as before, we continue to continuously contribute to the development of the banking sector. 

With respect,

Dr. Bilal Sucubashi
Chief Executive Officer


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