We are creating a sustainable environment, today and for the future

The environment unites us all. We all breathe the same air, grow and live under the same sun, we all have one common home - the planet Earth. That is our heritage and our future, so we all need to protect it together. With this motto and with the idea to cause a positive wave of change, we embarked on one of the most noble missions, building environmental awareness and creating an ecologically clean environment. To improve the environment, we have started and are continuously implementing several projects related to increasing green areas, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling and increasing public eco-awareness as part of the active involvement in environmental protection.

In the past period, the bank has committed itself to improving the environment through numerous activities that affect it. One of the most extensive activity that takes place continuously also due to the results shown and as. it is becoming more widely accepted and popular is the HalkEco platform. This platform encourages the citizens to increase physical activity, exercise, running, walking and replacing cars with bicycles in order to reduce the emission of harmful gases in the air, and in return for their activity the bank plants trees and increases green areas in urban and rural areas. So far, numerous trees have been planted and areas in several cities across the country are greener, and we continue to aim and contribute to that with new seedlings and greenery throughout the country.

We remove the boundaries for action in ecology from the very territory of our action. In this sense, we have become the first bank from the wider region to join Mastercard, our partner’s global initiative to protect the planet Earth.

In order to strengthen public awareness for environmental change and also as an additional incentive for all those who practice a healthy lifestyle and thus protect the environment, we organized the first chronometer bicycle race HALK VELO GREEN on the slopes of Mavrovo as part of the HalkEco platform. Additionally, Halkbank, in the municipality of Aerodrom, at one of the busiest places in the capital, set up the first eco bus stop.

Because we believe that change starts with ourselves, the idea and action to create an environmentally friendly society first spread through our premises by creating green gardens, transmitting the values ​​of environmental sustainability to our employees.

Our environmental awareness is activated in many fields, including waste disposal as one of the essential problems and polluters of the environment and ambient air, are also put in the focus of our interest. Therefore, in the scope of our work, we implement and practice smart selection and recycling, which makes another step towards environmental protection and at the same time gives a new useful value to the waste itself.

The commitment so far, in the mission for protection of the environment, raising the environmental standards in the country and in the behavior of the citizens, has shown excellent results, such as reduced emissions and planted seedlings. With these benefits and the support of the citizens, the bank remains committed to its mission to create an ecologically clean and healthy environment for the future generations.

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