Message from President of the Supervisory Board

Dear all,

Sustainable development, as a global concept, is a challenge faced by every person, country, the world in general, all with the sole purpose - to ensure continuous improvement of the quality of life and the well-being, and to ensure sustainable development for the present, without compromising the ability to meet the needs of the future generations.

The banking sector has faced many transformational challenges over the years. However, sustainability differs from other transformations because the steps we take today will ultimately show how well prepared we are to meet the challenges of the future.

To be successful, companies, including banks, must create profitable businesses as value for all their stakeholders and thus contribute to the sustainability of the society they are part of. That being said, value cannot be delivered to shareholders without delivering value to customers, employees and society, equally. All of these things are part of the same equation.

Halkbank AD Skopje is focused on strong growth through orientation towards superior service and customer experience. By supporting investment and helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals and ambitions, we are evolving together with the society, moving towards sustainable development. Here I would like to emphasize the importance we attach to small and medium businesses that we, in the Halkbank Group, consider to be the foundation of economies.

As a modern financial institution, the bank is one of the leaders in the acceptance and implementation of new technological trends, providing customers with the fastest, most modern and reliable services.

Our mission is to create values for customers, shareholders and employees by offering efficient banking services, and thus contribute to the development of the banking sector and the capital market, as well as to achieve a respected position in the region, which I believe we managed to do at a large extent. In fact, the proof is that in a relatively short period of time, as long as we are present on the Macedonian financial market, we managed to become one of the four largest and systemically most important banks in the country and a brand that instills confidence and security.

But our mission is also to be constantly aware of corporate social responsibility and duty. Responsibility is one of our strong corporate values and an important principle that fosters environmental, social and economic change that are fundamental postulates of sustainable development. Halkbank is dedicated to the people and that is at the core of our ideology and social engagement.

That is why in the future we will continue to combine financial success with social responsibility, paying special attention to promoting healthy living habits and environmental protection. This is the way we will best contribute to the achievement of the global objectives for sustainable development contained into the "United Nations Agenda 2030".

On behalf of the Supervisory Board, I would like to thank all our employees for their commitment to the sustainable approach. Our goal is to act in a socially responsible way in order to contribute to the well-being of people and companies, in the long run. I would like to invite you to continue this dialogue with us.

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