Message from the chairman of the supervisory board Osman Arslan


The turbulent times we are in have brought strong challenges to economies globally. The year behind us was full of challenges in which, due to the new crisis, this time economic, after a long period of loose monetary policy, the central banks started to tighten the monetary policy as a response to deal with inflation and preserve monetary stability.

Of course, it is important to emphasize that despite the extremely complex conditions not only last year, but also the previous two when the world was gripped by the health crisis, the banking sector of North Macedonia showed that it is resistant to crises and that it is a pillar of the economy and the population. During the pandemic, as well as now, in the conditions of the energy crisis and globally high inflation, deposits and lending of both the corporate and household sectors continue to grow. This trend indicates that the trust of citizens and companies in the banking sector is at a high level.

Last year, Halkbank confirmed its position as a strong bank and a strong brand whose mission is to create value for customers, shareholders and employees by efficiently offering all banking services, thereby contributing to the development of the banking sector and the capital market. And in 2022, to the satisfaction of shareholders, Halkbank again delivered excellent financial results. But also, by offering new products and services, it once again showed how important customers and their needs are to us.

As a modern financial institution, Halkbank is also one of the leaders in the acceptance and implementation of new technological and information trends, providing customers with the fastest, most modern and most reliable services. Today, it is a leader in offering personalized banking services, as well as in introducing new technologies and providing fast service through a highly developed, modern platform of alternative channels. At the same time, by supporting investments and helping individuals and businesses realize their ideas and ambitions, it develops together with society, moving together towards sustainable development.

But I am happy to say that in Halkbank there is also a high awareness of corporate social responsibility as an inseparable part of successful operations. Responsibility is one of our strong corporate values and an important principle that encourages environmental, social and economic changes that are the basic postulates of sustainable development. Halkbank is a bank dedicated to people and this is at the core of our ideology, operations and social engagement. I believe that our policy of social responsibility contributed during the years of our presence on the Macedonian market to develop our reputation and therefore today we are recognized not only as a reliable, customer-oriented, innovative, and growing bank, but also as a socially responsible and eco-friendly bank. - friendly bank.

In the year ahead, the Bank's strategic goals continue to be maintaining the position of one of the leading banks in the sector, achieving stable growth and a sustainable level of profitability, while not forgetting social responsibility. Our basic principles by which we are guided in all spheres of banking operations remain development, growth, innovation, progress, a lot of work and dedication to the most important thing for us - people. Thanks to these principles, we managed to make Halkbank a success story that we will continue to build and develop in the coming period.

On behalf of the Supervisory Board, I express my great gratitude to all those who are part of the Halkbank team.

With respect,
Osman Arslan, chairman of the supervisory board

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