Corporate governance

Good corporate governance contributes to sustainable economic development, improved business results, operational efficiency, reduced costs, increased asset value and a better organizational reputation. All these segments are crucial for the successful operation of one business entity, including a bank.

That is why Halkbank implements sustainability-oriented corporate governance practices as it enables further progress. Corporate governance helps us implement a business sustainability strategy, manage goal settings and reporting processes, strengthen relationships with external stakeholders, and ensure full accountability.

Such practices are based on our strong concern for the future, which encourages all of us to be socially responsible and innovative, because it is these things that ensure sustainability. Several aspects are key in our work: financial results, organizational culture, social impact and environmental impact.

The strategic goal of the bank from the beginning of operations on the Macedonian market was to become one of the leading banks in the sector by achieving stable growth, socially responsible activities and high level of profitability. We are permanently achieving these goals and as the fastest growing bank, in a relatively short period, we managed to become the fourth largest bank in the country and one of the systemically important banks. At the same time, given that we live in a time when digitalization is gaining momentum and has direct implications in all spheres of the economy, we strive to follow these trends and be a true promoter of technological change.

Technological development implies new competition for the banking sector and potential channeling of customers to new intermediaries in the execution of transactions and settlements, which is expected to increase efficiency and reduce costs. For us, 2019 will be remembered as a year in which we took the first step towards creating an institution that in the future will become recognizable as a financial supermarket.

Halkbank has established a system of functioning in which the motto of the bank is expressed - People matter. Satisfied customers and satisfied shareholders are our priority. And all this is not possible without well-trained employees, which is achieved by organizing in-house training to improve performance. The bank is also known for its social responsibility, providing ongoing support to projects that contribute to the development of the community, with special emphasis on promoting healthy living habits and environmental protection.

We aim to be where growth is, enabling businesses and the economy to thrive while helping people meet their expectations and realize their wishes. Building strong stakeholder relationships helps us deliver our strategy in line with long-term values ​​and manage the business in a sustainable way.

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