In order to satisfy your need and increase your safety Halkbank is offering safe deposit boxes.

You can rent various size od safe box on various tenor.

With high quality of service and confidentiality we are sure that we will meet your expectation

Safe deposit box can rent a legal or natural person.



•  Guaranteed confidentiality.

•  The content is safe and strictly trustful.

•  Data for the tenant trade secret safe in the bank.

•  The data are disclosed only upon written request of the court, against the tenant if action was taken.

  Data for the tenant trade secret safe in the bank. 

  Cancellation of lease of a safe.• The tenant may terminate the lease if the rent is paid at the time of cancellation. 

  Before the tenant to vacate the safe must return the key. 

Bank may terminate the lease of a safe in the following cases: 

•  If the tenant fails to pay rent within one month after receiving the first warning 

  If the tenant keeps items safe must keep

Rates and fees

Tariff for safe box


Dimension (cm.)

12 months*
SS-2 12.70 x 12.70 x 45.00  3000 MKD
SS-3   7.72 x 27.30 x 45.00  3500 MKD
SS-4 12.70 x 27.30 x 45.00  4500 MKD
SS-6 25.40 x 27.30 x 45.00  5500 MKD

*The above fee is increased by 18% VAT



What is a safe deposit box?

Safe deposit box is a special compartment with certain dimensions that is embedded in a special safe and secure part of the Bank in which the lessee can hold items of value and documents.

What shouldn't be kept in a safe

In the safe deposit box should not be stored items that are subject to rapid decay, radioactive, flammable or explosive items.

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