Target group: Individual entrepreneurs and 100 % private legal entities (with/less than 100 employees) that are mostly engaged in production (including processing of agricultural raw materials), service and trade sector.

Purpose (included costs):

  • Fixed assets (equipment, machines, installations, land, renovation and modernization of bussiness premisses and manufacturing plants)
  • Working capital (procurement of raw materials, trade goods and other materials)

Loan amount: up to 50.000 EUR

Tenor: up to 30.09.2020 (including 12 months grace period)

Terms of repayment: Equal monthly installments

Interest rate:

  • 6,0 % per year fixed, for short term loan
  • 6,00 %+6m EURIBOR, for long term loan

Administration fee:

  • 0.5% for loans up to 12 months repayment period
  • 1% for loans  above 12 months repayment period

Collateral: Combination of the following instruments: promissory note in form of a notary act;  physical entities guarantors;  mortgage  on real estate, pledge on movables and rights, other collateral acceptable to the Bank

Excluded sectors for financing:

  • Manufacturing and trading of weapon or military equipment;
  • Manufacturing of alcohol;
  • Manufacturing or trading that includes endangered species;
  • Manufacturing of tobacco;
  • Activities related to casinos;
  • Speculation with currencies;
  • Investment and speculation with securities of any type;
  • Purchase and sell of real estate for speculation purposes


  • Projects with high environmental risk would be avoided
  • The projects must be designed according to and in consistence with related environmental, health, and emergency standards including the valid enivronmental laws and provisions in Macedonia

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