With Business credit card Halkbank AD Skopje Save your time and money!

Manage and organize your business elegantly, simply and safely!

Visa Corporate credit card is international card intended to business entities. The card can be used for payment of goods and services (entertainment expenses, hotel accommodation, travel expenses…) in the country and abroad, for conducting internet transactions (hotel bookings, purchase of airline tickets and alike)

The card functions on the principle of deferred payment and access to funds is restricted by limits set at: the company’s level and at the level of individual Card user – the employee. Total limit of the company is determined on the basis of analysis of client’s solvency and the operating profit as per the latest annual account. The amount spend in the current month client has to be returned up to 10th in the next month



  • The business credit cards of Halk banka AD Skopje simplify the management of your business, provide a significant efficiency in disposal with funds of the legal entity and represent a safe support in fulfilling day-to-day business obligations. The use of business payment cards improves the quality of your business travels, makes your payments faster, simpler and safe, reduces the need for carrying cash funds, and provides easy and transparent control of business expenses. You will have 24 hour customer support, around the world.
  • Business cards are practical way of payment for all corporate clients.
  • They can be issued to a several beneficiaries and for each card issued it is possible to define consumption limit on a daily and monthly basis in the country and abroad
  • You can apply for your Business card through our nearest Branch by fullfilling the application.

Rates and fees

Rates and fees

Visa Business Credit revolving card  
Fee for preparation of main card 200 MKD
Fee for preparation of additional card 100 MKD
Fee for re-issuing main/additional card 100 MKD
Re-issuing before the maturity of main/additional card (demaged/lost card) 300 MKD
Fee for urgent preparation of main/ additional card 800 MKD
Fee for unjustified reclamation  800 MKD
Cash withdrawals at ATM’s of Halkbank 3% minimum 200 MKD
Cash withdrawals at ATM’s of other banks 3,5% minimum 250 MKD
Cash withrawals on counters of the Bank 3,5% minimum 250 MKD
Cash withdrawals on counters of the other Banks 3,5% minimum 250 MKD
Annual membership fee for main credit card  1.200 MKD  *monthly fee  of 100 MKD
Annual membership fee for additional credit card  600 MKD *monthly fee of  50 MKD
Fee for invoice issuance No fee
Fee for warning letter 100 MKD
Card blocking by demand from the client through Help 24,e-mail or with written demand No fee
Card unblocking by demand from the client through Help 24,e-mail or with written demand 200 MKD
Pin set   No fee
Changing of PIN on counter 150 MKD
Amount of credit limit Based on credit policies
Fee for issuing  statement for  creditcard   300 MKD
Credit limit change 300 MKD



What should client enclose as collateral for business cards?

Collateral for business card can be combination on following conditions:

  • In frame of Framework line agreement that client already use in Halk Banka AD Skopje
  • Promissory note issued from the company and/or owner of the company and/or manager of the company
  • Other instruments acceptable for the Bank

How can I receive my credit card statement via e-mail?

Enter the necessary information of the company in follows request:_ and contact with the nearest branch of Halkbank AD

Should I need additional card for payment abroad?

You can make payments everywhere in the world if Visa logo is presented

Where can I apply for business credit card?

In each branch of Halkbank you can make all the banking activities that you need as a customer. In the nearest branch of Halkbank you can request for business card

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