Socially active, corporate responsible

As part of this society, Halkbank has created values ​​that promote every aspect of social life. These values ​​are based on conditions and processes in social and cultural life, which we try to support in every possible way and help establish at a higher level.

Partially as of our responsibility and obligation to the community, but much more as our belief, a philosophy that can change lives, give additional quality and open new perspectives, social responsibility and commitment to the community for us means causing and creating positive change. Based on this belief, we have created a practice of corporate responsibility in the form of supporting various cultural, educational and sports projects and events. The commitment to promote these values ​​is in line with our corporate platform "People matter", which recognizes everyone as an important individual.

One of our strong beliefs is that sports create lasting benefits for all generations. That is why we are one of the biggest supporters of sports, which influences the spread of healthy lifestyle habits that bring good for each individual and the community as a whole, and that is why the HalkEco app is aimed at promoting sports and healthy living. According to its beliefs, Halkbank is a supporter of the Macedonian men's and women's handball team. Recognizing and acknowledging the foundations of sports success, commitment, competitive spirit and teamwork, the bank identifies with them and builds its own success.

Apart from sports, Halkbank is a big supporter of culture, because together with sports, these are the best ambassadors of any country. Tradition is one of the strongest pillars of a community and one of the longest traditions in North Macedonia that leaves visible traces also on the international field is the International Cinematographers’ Film Festival "Manaki Brothers". Halkbank has started a tradition of partnership with this festival, by giving significant contribution to the development of film art and the establishment of the festival internationally and worldwide. We believe that this partnership will contribute fostering the love for film and for even greater promotion of the film industry in the country.

Our corporate platform "People matter" is the backbone for many of our activities and motivation to act in social spheres. But precisely because of the importance of the people, all citizens and giving more importance to everyday life, we renovated the bridges in the City Park and built a green corner in TC Leptokarija. We are involved in other organized platforms to help socially disadvantaged categories through various ways of support by our bank and staff.

Our attention remains focused on all social phenomena and monitoring the conditions around us. Based on this, we react, initiate and organize wider actions and build our social responsibility, in order to help and cause positive change in the community or for the individual, because for us truly the most important are the people.

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