Fastest to the other side of the world!

We are offering the opportunity of fast money transfer through the Halkbank Branches together with Western Union!

Halkbank AD, Skopje is an authorized agent of Western Union for the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

Send or received money easily and secure through the whole world! Payout and send currency for Western Union transaction in Macedonia is only EUR and USD.

Western Union is available through 38 points in each Halkbank AD Skopje Branch.

38 Branches will transfer your money to the desired destination in fast and effective way.

The service of receiving money is also available in the afternoons at Ramstore Branch every day until 22:00!

Fastest to the other side of the world with Halkbank! Visit your nearest Halkbank Branch and take part of the successful story of Western Union.

Western Union Tariffs



Sending money:

1.All you have to do is to visit one of the locations of Halkbank AD, Skopje and fill out the form for sending money.

2. Pass the completed form to the operator that you get confirmation of a control number.

3. Inform the recipient of the transfer (who sends the money, how much and mandatory reported the control number.

4. The money can be paid immediately to the person you have appointed as receiver.

Receiving Money:

1. Verify that the money was sent via an agent of Western Union.

2. The sender should notify you about it when is sent the money and what is the amount and control number.

3. Once you are notified of the transfer, come to one of the locations of Halkbank AD, Skopje. Please verify your identification and fill out the form to raise money.

4. In case the data transfer matches the personal identification data, and while the control number is correct, the money will be paid immediately. Identification document with which you can receive or send the funds are only valid identity card or passport for residents or only valid passport for non-residents.



Transfers will not be implemented if:

1. Identification document is expired.

2. The data in the system and those listed on the form do not match.

3. Transaction is not on your name.

4. The data name is missing or added another name (if you have two surnames or father's name).

Legal restrictions

1. Maximum amount that can be sent from Macedonia to another country is 2.500 EUR per person per month.

2. Maximum amount that can be paid in Macedonia is EUR 5.000 per day per person.


If the money is paid/send from anywhere else outside of these locations, Halkbank AD, Skopje does not bear any responsibility or accept any claim for that transfer.

For more information please call on 02/31 31 889

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