Fast and secure payment with HalkPay, your mobile wallet

The HalkPay mobile application is available for every customer with an active payment card from the Mastercard / Visa brand, issued by Halkbank AD Skopje.

The user of the payment card downloads the HalkPay mobile application from the Google Play Store on a mobile device with an Android operating system.

By downloading the HalkPay application, the user digitizes its cards and can start paying with the mobile device.

In order to make a successful payment, the user needs to bring their mobile device closer to the POS terminal that supports contactless payment. As a basic card, it selects 1 card with a fast payment option. Other digitized cards can be used to pay with the mobile application if they choose the specific card before paying.



  • Easy and secure payment with your mobile phone
  • Fast payment
  • Review of transactions
  • User support 24/7
  • 4 different language versions (Macedonian / English / Albanian / Turkish)

User guide

User Guide

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Frequently asked questions

What is a HalkPay application?

HalkPay is Halkbank's new mobile app that allows quick, easy and secure payment via mobile device with an Android operating system. It is available for use by all Halkbank customers who have a Mastercard / Visa payment card issued by Halkbank AD Skopje.

How can I get the HalkPay app?

HalkPay is available for download through the Google Play Store. The mobile application is available in multiple language versions. According to the language you have selected in the general management of your mobile device (Macedonian / English / Albanian / Turkish), the language version of the application will be adjusted.

How can I register at HalkPay?

After downloading the app, you register by entering the required basic data such as your personal ID number and the last 4 digits of the pseudo Mastercard / Visa number. Then, you will receive an SMS with an OTP that you will enter in the activation application. Next, activate a security element such as a fingerprint, password, pattern or face identification.

How can I use the HalkPay app to make payments?

First you need to digitize your Master and Visa cards that you want to use for mobile payments. To have the option - Fast Pay, i.e. to be able to pay only by approaching the phone to the POS terminal without opening the application, you need to choose one of the digitized cards as BASIC. After this, you can already pay really quickly and easily at a POS terminal with your mobile device without taking a card out of your wallet.

Which card can be my basic card?

The user selects one card as the basic card. The application selects the card you want to digitize. After successfully digitizing the card, the Card Options field opens and selects the Fast payment option and then you can pay at the POS terminal with the mobile device without opening the HalkPay application. Other digitized cards can be used to pay via the mobile application if the specific card is selected before payment.

Is there a limit to the amount of payment with the HalkPay application?

For an amount less than 2,000 MKD, the user can pay without additional authentication on the mobile device, up to a set of 5 consecutive transactions less than 2,000.00 MKD. For every sixth transaction with less than 2,000.00 MKD, the application will require additional authentication. For an amount bigger than 2,000 MKD, additional authentication will always be required. After each additional authentication, it is necessary to bring the mobile device back to the POS terminal in order to complete the transaction. For an additional authentication, a fingerprint will always be taken if the mobile device has it as a security feature. Otherwise, a PIN or pattern will be used.

Is there a difference in the amount of the transaction when touching the POS terminal with the mobile device?

Single tap (one-tap transaction at POS-terminal) - for transactions less than 2,000.00 MKD Double tap (2-tap transaction at POS-terminal) - for transactions bigger than 2,000.00 MKD and for every sixth transaction less than 2,000 MKD.

If my card is blocked in the HalkPay mobile application, will I be able to make a payment with my physical card?

You can use the physical card to pay at the POS terminal. * If you block a certain payment card in the HalkPay mobile application, you will not be able to use it through the application. You can use the physical bank card to make the payment.

What else can I do with the HalkPay application?

Through the application you can follow the overview of transactions that you have made in a certain period of time, to contact the contact center for additional support 24/7.

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