We create additional values ​​for customers, shareholders and employees

We have created a bank that is close to the people, that works for the citizens and facilitates the way to meet their needs. We create personalized banking services, introduce new technologies and provide fast services through a highly developed, modern platform of alternative channels. All of this provides the citizens and our clients a top banking experience and makes us a bank that can always meet the needs of the citizens.

With this attitude and developing products in accordance with our corporate slogan "People matter", we have become the fastest growing bank and leader in the portfolio and supply. At the same time, guided by the idea that in order to grow as a bank we must take care of our customers, their needs and desires, Halkbank constantly strives to create products tailored to the customers’ needs.

Through efficient implementation of all banking services, we become stronger in both products and services and continuously create additional values ​​for customers, shareholders and employees. We are building the reputation of a modern financial institution, which provides its clients top quality financial services.

By creating products targeted for the needs of small and medium enterprises, we have become recognizable as a bank that supports businesses. At the same time, we continue to support the projects of the business community through credit lines from international financial institutions as well. And with this operational strategy we contribute to the development of the industry and the economy in the country.

In terms of lending to the population, Halkbank offers loan products with really favorable conditions on the domestic market, which meet the needs of the citizens. And following these exact needs, trends and changes in modern life, we constantly upgrade existing services and introduce new ones, striving to keep up with new technologies and play the role of market leader when it comes to modern banking channels.

This policy and this attitude towards the population puts us in the focus of the citizens and companies when choosing a bank. This results in permanent increase and satisfaction in the mutual relationship between the two parties.

By efficiently offering all banking services, with an awareness of our corporate social responsibility and duty to contribute to the development of the banking sector and the capital market, we achieve the preferred market position. Based on this and guided by our corporate values ​​and principles to offer excellent service to customers, proposing the best solutions for their needs, creating and applying a successful corporate culture, giving importance to each member of the team, our mission is to be a leading bank in the region that is able to fulfill all the requirements of universal banking while affirming a strong presence among the population.

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