Letter of Credit (L/C), is the safest payment instrument  which provides maximum protection to the importer/buyer as well as the exporter/seller.Being a very flexible payment instrument, L/C offers various opportunities for reduction of risk and spreading it between partners.

L/C  can be compared to the work of a tailor the parties get the result that fits their needs.Letter of Credit (L/C) is both a payment and security instrument, a payment instrument used in the international trade by means of which a bank, in line with the requirements and instructions of its client (importer) assumes responsibility for payment to an exporter through its Bank, on the basis of regular commercial documents set out in the terms of the letter of credit presented to the Bank by a certain deadline. This instrument is internationally regulated with the generally accepted Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits, Revision 2007, Publication 600 issued by ICC in Paris.Halkbank AD Skopje offer wide range of different types L/C’s under very competitive fees depending on the collateral offered by the clients.

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