Characteristics of the product

  • The product is for individuals users of ebanking of Halkbank and can be opened only through the e-banking platform
  • Minimum amount of depositing: 3.000 MKD / 50 EUR
  • Maximum amount of depositing: without limitation (according with the available funds on a transaction account including the allowed overdraft)
  • Payment of the interest: on the maturity day
  • Type of interest rate: fixed
  • Tenor: 6,12 и 24 months
  • Method of calculation of the interest: proportional method (28-31/365-6)
  • Redepositing: At maturity, the deposit is not redepositing, ie according to the contract.
  • Partial withdrawal: is not allowed before the expiration of the deposit period and there is no possibility to be made electronically (the withdrawal of funds will be made only at branches / sub-branches of the Bank )
  • Additional investment: is not allowed before the maturity day
  • Early termination: in case of early termination of the deposit, interest on sight is calculated according to the valid Decision for passive interest rates of the Bank, for the entire time in which the funds were time deposits. Early termination cannot be performed electronically by the client, it will be made only at branches / sub-branches of the Bank

-Annual interest rates (payment of interest on maturity date)

Term time MKD EUR
6 months 1,00% 0,80%
12 months 2,40% 1,20%
24 months 3,00% 2,00%

Contract for electronic opening of deposit by the client and the Bank will be signed in electronic form using the VASCO token (e-signature) functionality with Cronto image.

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