According to the strategy of the Bank for continuous growth and securing the best services to the clients, Halkbank AD, Skopje is always open for new, educated, highly motivated and talented staff who knows how to identify the challenges of these modern times.

To be employed in Halkbank AD, Skopje means to be a part of the dynamic working environment and part of the ambitious team with great opportunities for fast professional development and vocational improvement. The reputation of our name, the current results and our aspiration for taking one of the lead roles on the Macedonian financial market, are the guarantees of our stability, certainty and perceptivity.  

In return, we would need from you to be a person who knows how to recognize the opportunities of realizing profit, capable to function in a highly developed and flexible market environment and disposes with quality and effectiveness in your working habit. 

If you would like to be part of our database as a future potential employee in the upcoming period,

If you would like to be part of our database as a future potential employee in the upcoming period, please fulfill the following electronic Application for Employment. Same application is valid for internship in the bank.

Attention: According to the law for personal information, sending the application for employment for the future needs of the Bank, by itself means that you are consent with the use of your data during the selection of staff. The Bank guarantees that other than the mentioned case, your personal information will not be used for any other goals or will be made available to third parties.

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By sending this form, I agree the filled in data to be used in the process of selection for the relevant job position and I agree to be contacted by the Human Resources Department of HALKBANK AD Skopje.

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