Fees and contitions


  • Legal entities

Target group

  • The credit line is intended for legal entities with commercial financial transactions (import-export of trade goods)

Purpose of the loan

  • Working capital according to the credit line

Amount of  loan

  • minimum 50.000 EUR

Currency of the loan

  • EUR – FX loans


  • Bullet loan

Interest rate

  • Depending of the tenor of the loan
Tenor  3 months 6 months   12 months 
Interest rate   3,0% p.a.     3,5% p.a.     3,75% p.a.    


Upfront fee

  • 0,15% from the loan amount, min. 6.100,00 MKD, once in advance,

Repayment period

  • Up to 12 months;

Prepayment fee

  • 0.5%  of the outstanding of the loan


  • According to the Credit Politic of the Bank, depends on amount of the loan

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