What happened in 2020 economically and what to expect in 2021

Will there be a significant economic recovery in 2021? It remains to be seen.

Saving versus investing-what is the difference?

Saving or investing means setting aside or raising funds for your future. The best methods depend on your needs, habits and goals.

Secure credit cards

Secure Credit Cards - What Does This Mean? Do you need to be "ready" for an intrusion into your money? Absolutely not. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Always access your money - ATMs

It is difficult to imagine a modern way of transferring money without ATMs. In a dynamic time, when people are part of the global marketplace, the ability to raise funds at any time and in any part of the world is a really important benefit.

Allowed overdraft - how to the fastest way to cover your current needs?

How many times have you realized that you will not be able to "cover" the salary for the month? And that you will need to redistribute or exceed your budget, because you have expenses for many things? Children need new footwear, their partner's birthday is around the corner, the car needs to be registered… And it all requires some management of your inflows. Believe that such periods can be easily managed with a few suggestions.

Five Ways to Teach Your Child to Manage Money

Every parent wants to provide more for their child. By becoming a parent, our responsibility increases, and we need to have a long-term plan for financial security for the child and his future. At the same time, of course, we need to teach the child what money means and that he should have a proper relationship with it.

Be financially aware - be financially literate

One of the major drawbacks of the formal education system worldwide is financial education. It should aim to explain what to do with the money when we earn it.

Here are some important tips when it comes to getting a loan

If you are facing a decision to replenish your finances through a bank loan, here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to make the right decision in realizing your need.

Mobile banking - then and now

The banking industry has undergone dramatic changes over the years. Although the general picture is that users are entering branches to withdraw money, transfer funds or request information, more recently, a huge number of users are making basic financial transactions through digital and mobile banking.

Five Ways To Use Credit Cards Properly

Credit cards are one of the smartest ways to pay, and if used properly, they can give you great results. Although many of us spend more because we do not "feel" viral, there are a few practical ways, or at least tips, to improve your eating habits

I also want to save while I spend

You will say to yourself - it is impossible to save while spending. However, there are several different ways you can do this. Everyday shopping, ordering pizza online, a few perfumes you crave for winter… There are many things you can pay attention to, and here are some ways you can apply this habit.

Is it time to invest in a new home

Having your own home is perhaps the greatest investment of today's life and a long-term vision for the future.

What have become the consumption habits of people in a pandemic?

The past year has been challenging in many areas, especially in embracing certain new lifestyles - work from home, shopping online. The pandemic has somehow made us more aware of the things we use, own, seek. To a large extent, to buy in a time of pandemic means to be pragmatic and to use the current online banking platforms and payment cards, with which you can safely transfer money.

How to get to my e-shop?

Last year was full of changes. Many companies have adapted to new ways of selling in order to retain customers. With the power of digital technology, some trends have climbed to the top in 2020 as the pandemic set such rules of the game. Innovation was inevitable, and the changes shaking the economic market are another reason to think about the future of payment.

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