Complete your urgent needs with the allowed overdraft of a transaction account in Halkbank

Early spending of available funds can happen to any of us. In such an unplanned situation, we usually turn to asking for loans from friends and relatives or a cash loan from a financial institution, so that we can continue to meet our current needs...

Find out what benefits you get if you are a Halkbank payroll recipient

t is difficult to imagine everyday life without the wide range of products of the bank. In addition to the opportunities for cash loans, cash deposits and other banking services, a few innovative banking products and services facilitate the day-to-day operation of the community...

October - the right time to make a good plan

There is no right time for a good plan. A good plan should be realized immediately, without much hesitation and rethinking. Take advantage of the moment, make decisions now and immediately and dare to challenge the future...

Halk Eco - awakening of eco consciousness

This month is in the sign of eco-activities that Halkbank AD Skopje promotes through its application

Children's wishes are for fulfillment, the future is for planning

Children's wishes are for realization, and parental care means an investment for the realization of those wishes in the future...

It's time for a new home - it's time for more joy

With the onset of the pandemic, the modern way of life has undergone significant changes. But that does not mean that life stops - on the contrary, it has its own ways of successfully transforming habits, ideas, plans…

Keep up with your time and money, enjoy more of what is yours

People have different ways of relaxing and spending their free time. There are those who are constantly on the move, playing sports, jogging, have countless responsibilities everywhere and for them time is precious...

Desires move us - a new opportunity for easier goals

It is inevitable to mention the pandemic, as a key factor in calming down certain of our needs, travel opportunities, limited freedom of movement and visiting favorite places...

Online Deposit - Click and Save!

How many times have you thought about the fastest way to complete a homework assignment without being physically present where you could do everything remotely?..

User experiences in e-commerce

The world we live in is constantly changing and receiving new directions through which it functions digitally...

Simplify your habits

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you forgot your wallet, left it in a car or invented to take it and went shopping? We are human, such moments happen. But that does not mean you have to worry about finding ways to simplify those situations. In addition to being able to "ask for help from a friend", you can also be the one to help in a situation where someone is in a situation where they need money.

Spring refreshment of life

Every spring we have a different need to "wake up" life to a new level for us. Whether it will be a new hairstyle, a plan for a relaxing weekend, a professional development course, rearranging the yard or the whole apartment, the warm temperatures create a different impulse and desire to do something more for ourselves and our lives.

What does it mean to set financial goals?

As in life we ​​aim to achieve certain levels in work, professional and private relationships, a large and important part is to achieve some financial stability. When times are challenging, unstable, there are obstacles and many changes, this is a really strong and important link in the process of managing your finances.

The many benefits of payment cards

The different choices and the different benefits that come with using the cards are what is most important to every potential user. The priority is always efficient and fast service, availability and ability to check personal funds at any time.

Environmentally conscious future

Despite the great changes and challenges that the new time brings, the human factor for change remains very important when it comes to eco-awareness and the future of our generations. People's habits are changing, improving, and to a large extent after the pandemic, the context has changed and important questions are being asked about recycling, the use of renewable energy sources, consumer habits, but also the serious participation in change.

The importance of small businesses

The pandemic started and is still going on. Life has changed, habits have changed, but so has the business community. Many things will not really be the same as before. The most important thing in such serious, yet challenging situations is support. Not only globally, but also locally, in the environment in which we work, buy, spend, sell…

Save money, save time-enjoy the holidays

How to get started? First of all, make a spending plan. Start with the simplest, monthly expenses. Also, consider the amount of time you spend paying bills. If you have not tried to make any list, or at least spending direction - here are some easy ways to do it.

Growth Guide - Some Tips for Your Startup

As the founder of your startup, you can easily get lost in everyday decisions, big and small - that waste hours of your future. Sometimes you can feel like you are on an unexplored terrain, and looking for your way again. But when you take a step back, you may find that you are not alone. Many founders face the same challenges, and some of them gained different strengths, on the other hand.

Golden opportunities for your money

How often are you confused about using the benefits of your payment cards? We point out three benefits that you should pay attention to when choosing your payment card and the way you will use it.

Close to the bank - People are important!

In order to introduce people to the work of a bank, we created a short informative questionnaire with the most common questions related to services.

And the economy depends on vaccination - we can not avoid that reality

The global economy will expand by 4% in 2021 - But vaccination will be key to a sustainable recovery. Development risks will remain part of the economic activity, and revenues will be low during this period.

The future of banks

By 2030, banks will be fully digitalized, fully interconnected, guided by existing internal information and purposeful.

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