Compensation of the insured amount of the deposit of the depositors of "Eurostandard Bank" AD in bankruptcy will start on September 15, 2020 (Tuesday) until the legally established maximum amount of 1,850,889 denars and each depositor will have 36 months from the day of the beginning of the payment for compensation in the paying banks.
Through Halkbank AD - Skopje will compensate for all depositors: individual persons and independent performers of activity whose surname begins with the letters: С, Т, Ќ, У, Ф, Х, C, Ч, Ј, Ш.

The compensation will be performed in the branches and sub-branches of Halkbank AD Skopje on the entire territory of the country. More information about the branches / sub-branches, as well as their working hours can be found at the following link.

Depositors, in addition to personal presence, must submit a valid identification document, as follows:

  • Resident individuals - ID card or passport issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of North Macedonia
  • Non-resident individuals - foreign passport

Independent performers of activity with personal labor should provide:

  • Current statement from the Central Register of RSM not older than 3 months (original for inspection)
  • ID card or passport of the authorized person for representation of the registered person for performing independent activity
  • Request for transfer of funds (the request is prepared by the Bank and is filled in personally by the authorized person for representation of the registered person for performing independent activity and is certified with a seal).

To exercise the right to payment of compensation, the depositor must sign a Certificate of Ownership of the deposit. The receipt will be signed directly at the counters in the Bank when the depositor comes to exercise the right to compensation.

Payment of the funds will be made only to the account holder / legal representative / representative listed in the Certificate, by attaching valid identification documents.

In case of inability of the depositor to personally exercise his right to compensation, the payment of the funds will be made to a person authorized on the basis of a power of attorney notarized.

For resident individuals with a deposit of up to 5,000 denars, who do not have an active account in the Bank and do not have active blockades in ERTS, the payment will be made in cash.
If the amount for compensation of the depositor - resident individual person is equal to or greater than 5,001 denars, the depositor has an existing active account in Halkbank AD Skopje or has active blockades recorded in the Register of transaction accounts, the compensation will be made by non-cash transfer of funds to a Denar transaction account in Halk Banka AD Skopje (existing or newly opened account in the name of the depositor, which will be opened in accordance with the legal regulations). The same procedure applies to a non-resident individual person (for any amount of compensation).

For self-employed persons, the payment will be made by transfer to an existing or newly opened account of the depositor on the basis of a previously completed Request for transfer of funds in which it will be stated to which transaction account of the self-employed person the funds will be transferred.

If during the identification of the depositor a discrepancy of the depositor's personal data (name / surname, ID number) with the data from the List of depositors and the Certificate of Ownership is found, Halkbank will not make compensation and will direct the depositor to update their personal data in The fund.
For any additional information, please contact the Halkbank Contact Center at the e-mail address: TellersSupport@halkbank.mk.

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