For employees in Public Adminsitration, Joint stock companies, Financial Institutions  and Private companies (with or without salary in Halkbank);

Halk Bank AD Skopje offers variety of retail products targeting employees in public administration, private companies, INC. and financial institutions with intelligent solutions in order to provide less burdens with majority of benefits for it’s clients.



For this type of clients Halk Bank AD Skopje offers fixed interest rate for first year with tenor even up to 95 months. This type of loans could be used for Your current needs and also for refinancing of any other types of existing loans.

Loan terms

Loan terms

  • Amount - 900.000,00 МKD
  • Tenor - 95 months
  • Creditworthiness - according to monthly income
  • Interest rate - 5,00% fixed for the first year, the rest of the period 7,75% variable  i.r. defined as:  5,5 p.p  + referent  rate for calculation legal interest rate form NBRM, which currently is 2,25% (7,29% APR)
  • Upfront fee - 1,00% after approving
    • Promotional: 0% upfront fee up to 15.12.2019
  • Fee for prepayment: 0%
  • Fee for control in the Loan Register:
    • 350,00 MKD (the fee is paid before the payment of the loan and it is not paid for declined or canceled requests)
    • 150,00 MKD for loan application.

* 7,29% APR for loan amount of 600.000,00 MKD, interest rate variable 7,75%, tenor 95 months, application fee 150 MKD and costs for checking in MKB 350 MKD

** The amount of the annual percentage rate of total costs (APR) is affected by the loan repayment term, the loan amount, the amount of loan costs included in the calculation of the APR and the amount of the contractual interest rate.



May I use this loan for refinancing?

Yes one of the purposes for this loan is refinancing all existing loans in other banks.

May I use for closing my exposure of credit cards?

Yes one of the purposes for this loan is refinancing all existing credit cards in other banks.

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