Credit Cards safety information

  • Sign the card immediately after its receiption in the signature panel
  • Carefully check each month reports, even in the case when the card is not use in the current month. In case when there is a doubt that some transaction is not realized by your side, immediately call or visit the nearest branch of HALKBANK to check the validity of the transaction
  • Please immediately contact us for each change of your personal data (surname, address, phone contact, etc)
  • Carefully follow the whole performing of transaction with your card and insist to return the card immediate after the transaction is done
  • Keep the copies of the sale receipt signed by your side after the transaction is done
  • Do not give the card number by phone, unless you contact with the authorized officers from the Bank
  • Do not give your PIN code to anyone and do not keep it together with your card
  • Before the usage of the card on ATM assure yourself that none is behind you
  • Carefully follow the instructions on the ATM display
  • Do not accept help from others while you use the card on the ATM
  • In the case when you are not sure for the ATM validity and look, immediately leave the location
  • In case the card has been stolen or lost, please immediately contact the following number: 02/3296-330 HALKBANK Contact Center 24/7
  • Check the expiry date of your credit card month/year. When the card expires the Bank automatically reissue new card and inform you for that
  • The reissued credit card can be taken at the end of the month when the previous issued credit card expires
  • In case of ATM usage three times successive you enter wrong PIN code, your card will be taken. For returning of the card it’s necessary to contact the Bank
  • When you use ATM, at the time period of 20 sec if you don’t withdrawal the card or cash the ATM will retain them
  • Keep your receipt from ATM and stores and compare with the bank statement. If certain amount is not correct or if you notice certain transaction on which you can’t remember immediately contact the Bank
  • In the store check the receipts from the stores and the amount of the POS terminal to be ensured that the amount is correct before confirm the transaction with your personal signature or with entering of your PIN code.  Assure that the seller has returned it your card together with your sample from the sale copy
  • Internet Shopping - Buy at merchants for which you have information that are eminent and credible merchants. Do not enter the PIN data. Assure that the card data are safely protected before sending by Internet.  In the left corner of the web window you should look for symbol of lock or clasp lock which is indicator that the data are secure. Before you perform buying read the delivery policy and policy for return of the good/service at the web site of the merchant

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