Up to 12 months (with or without salary in HB);

The consumer loan is intended for all creditworthy individuals with full-time employment in public administration or companies acceptable for the Bank, with or without salary.


Halk Banka offers you attractive interest rate during the all tenor which will be suitable for you.

Loan terms

  • Interest rate 6.00% Annual interest rate, annual percentage rate of total costs (APR) 6,20%
  • Amount 120.000,00 MKD
  • Tenor 12 months
  • Upfront fee 0%
  • Fee for control in the Loan Register: 200,00 MKD ( the fee is paid before the payment of the loan and it is not paid for declined or canceled reguestes).
  • Collatera No guarantor
  • Creditworthiness  Up to 1/3 of monthly income.


Does the amount of the approved loan depends on the amount of my salary?

The maximal amount of the loan depends on the conditions defined for each type of loan and on the credit ability of the client. The maximal allowed proportion of the monthly income of the applicant to the amount of the monthly installment is stated for each product, in the part of criteria for approving a loan.

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