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* HALKBANK A.D. Skopje is a steadily growing brand which operates with a global vision through innovative products and services.

HALKBANK AD, Skopje was established on 15.03.1993 as a joint stock company to perform universal banking operations in the Republic of Macedonia, including deposit collection, corporate and retail lending, foreign exchange operations, domestic and foreign payments, trading of fixed income instruments, and trade finance.

Innovation in new products and services is one of HALKBANK ’s strongest features. Being the first downscaling bank, creating products and services for micro clients made HALKBANK AD Skopje the leader in broadening the vision of the banking system in Macedonia. Another step forward, regarding banking services on the Macedonian market, is the beginning of using credit authorization, which was firstly implemented by HALKBANK AD Skopje.

Wanting to get closer and provide fast and affordable service to its clients, HALKBANK AD Skopje established the principal of multifunctional branch efficiency and became the first bank that changed the mode of operating from product oriented to client oriented. Focusing up front on four areas: strategy, organizational structure, branch efficiency and sales process, has made HALKBANK AD Skopje the first bank that reoriented its servicing process from teller to seller. In addition, HALKBANK AD Skopje was the developer of tailor- made products in the banking system in Macedonia.

HALKBANK AD Skopje is using a marketing approach which is generating more satisfied clients by introducing the principal of client relationship, building firm and long lasting relationship with its clients. The bank pioneered in establishing its own card processing system – first on the Macedonian market which offers contactless payment to their clients, followed with the launching of Master Card PayPass.

As a solution for every day company’s activities such as handling a lot of coin and currency, HALKBANK AD Skopje developed cash collection service, in order to handle it securely and efficiently. Additionally, HALKBANK AD Skopje was the first bank in Macedonia that comprehended the importance of cash management strategies, establishing convenient cash management solutions tailored to meet client’s needs and give them maximum control over their business finances.

Within the Macedonian market, HALKBANK AD Skopje has also initiated the raise of fast and quality services by implementing innovative processes in its business, such as cards bonus program, new upgraded ATMs and POS machines, new improved E-Banking model, international systems of quality management EN ISO 9001 and becoming the first Macedonian agent of Western Union Money Transfer System.

The Bank has a wide national and international network consisted of 41 operating branches in Macedonia  and correspondent relationships with many foreign banks.

HALKBANK A.D. Skopje has a significant reputation and recognition as a trustable, customer oriented, innovative and growing bank on the Macedonian market. The image of the bank is being fulfilled by the perception of a company that is, as well, social and eco responsible. Since its presence in Macedonia, HALKBANK AD Skopje has constantly given its support to many socially concerned segments, sports, culture and environment. Among the already mentioned, the bank has also been enjoying long term relationships with international financial institutions in providing long term development funds to the Macedonian economy.

Halkbank A.Ş.

HALKBANK Turkey (Turkiye Halk Bankası A.Ş.)

Turkiye Halk Bankası A.S. is the main shareholder of HALKBANK AD Skopje with participation of 99.16% from the bank’s ownership. Founded in 1938, HALKBANK is one of the largest banks in the Turkish banking market. HALKBANK today is a steadily growing, 75-year-old brand that ranks among the longest established, pioneering and respected in progressing Turkey.

As of the end of 2013, HALKBANK operates with a global perspective, through 872 domestic and 5 overseas branches, 1 overseas representative office, 2,961 ATMs, telephone and internet banking platforms, mobile banking applications; the Bank’s innovative products and services provide customers with an unparalleled banking experience. The percentage of Halkbank’s outstanding shares that are publicly held is 51,1%. The Bank boasts the highest return on equity (ROE) among its peers thanks to its highly efficient use of capital.

    Prominent position in the Turkish banking sector:

  • Sixth largest bank in Turkey in terms of assets,
  • Sixth largest network in Turkey with 862 branches (including special transaction centers and offices) nationwide, has at least one branch in every city in Turkey,
  • Strong and stable deposit base,
  • Effective alternative delivery channels,
  • Widespread customer base,
  • Strong position in all sectors of banking with established banking practices,
  • Strong capitalization,
  • Nationwide and International credibility,
  • SME Bank of Turkey:
  • Trademark in SME banking,
  • Historical banking relationship,
  • Recognized and respected brand name,
  • Wide range of specially designed products



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