Don't miss the opportunity to attract your client's attention with technology that enables payment's on Installment and giving bonus which indirectly increases the attractiveness of your store.

Be comfortable while using easy handling POS terminals by Halkbank where the speed of processing of transactions directly contributes to your firm turnover. Halkbank provides the only PayPass network in Macedonia which enables clients to make contactless transactions with PayPass credit cards. In 2013 Halkbank AD Skopje became the first and leader in the market in terms of number of installed contactless POS terminals. Be a part of our inovative family.


  • Opportunity to sell on installment attract client's that want to pay on installment's even up to 60 installments
  • Bonus points–unique oportunity the client's to look for a POS termnial that enables to make payment's and at the same time to save monney that could be used on the same Network
  • You are becoming a part of a family that continoulsy be advertasied every where. Plese see the link of Web site, Merchant's

We are expexting you to become a part of our family, fulfull the application and send to the nearest Branch.

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