With Halkbank Mobile banking take your bank in your POCKET, and contribute for your bussines.

In pursuit of offering better quality in service and following modern trends Halkbank offers new Mobile Banking service that provides you with significant advantages. The service provides you with almost more information than you could get in a branch and all the functionalities can be used in an easy and simple way. It is useful and easy understandable in all kind of Smart phone and operating system.


With your Halkbank Mobile Banking, use the phone for work:

  • Check your balance of credit card and transaction account
  • Statments
  • Review of your completed transactions in a period
  • Review of your monthly credit card statements
  • All types of payments and Creating of template for payments
  • Payment of all due debt on your credit card and loans
  • Make all other things that you make in the branch in a safe way
  • Cost planning, budgets, analysis etc.

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