Dear Shareholders, esteemed Clients

As an innovative leading bank in the Macedonian banking system, Halkbank has, as in previous years, ended the year 2017 successfully and has provided added value to the real economy.

The main goal of our Bank, which believes in the importance of ensuring quality of services and innovative products, is to be at the disposal of our clients at any time, to facilitate their business operations and to provide unhindered support.

Halkbank AD Skopje, which left behind its sixth year of doing business in Macedonia, is one of the leading banks in the sector with a total of 41 branches, 499 employees, 123 ATMs, and 5815 POS terminals. Our Bank, which saw an 18% increase in assets in the past year (from 582.5 to 687.5 million euros), has become the fourth largest bank in the Macedonian banking sector. As a result of this progress, the National Bank of Macedonia declared it a systemically significant bank in the sector.

Since our establishment, we have considered small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which are the cornerstone of the economy, to be our target group. Halkbank AD Skopje continues to support all economic sectors and all business segments and to improve its cooperation with international financial institutions such as the EIB (European Investment Bank), the KfW (German development bank), and the GGF (Green for Growth Fund) as a result of which it managed to provide companies with resources of up to 100 million euro.

Despite the political and economic uncertainty of 2017, our Bank did not lose its faith in the sector and in Macedonia, and has continued its lending activities. As a result, according to the official data Halkbank has achieved the highest growth of any bank in the sector, reaching 19.3% or 455 million euros.

With regard to the retail lending segment, as a bank offering credit products at the best possible rates on the home loans market, our Bank increased the amount of home loans to 45 million euros, achieving a net growth of 26 million euros. We will continue to support all projects that we believe will be successful and feasible.

Last year we also achieved success in terms of profitability, with profits increasing by 14.8% and reaching 8.7 million euros.

By investing in different areas in the upcoming period we plan to increase the diversity of services and improve customer satisfaction to the highest level possible. In this regard, we aim to become the most reputed bank in the sector by opening new branches in several cities and regions where our company is not yet present, thus bringing us closer to our customers.

Recognizing the fact that digital and mobile technologies make life much easier, in the upcoming years we plan to continue our technological investments which provide independence from time and space and make our lives easier, taking into account our clients’ habits and our organizational structure.

I would like to thank my dear colleagues who contribute to the growth and profitability of our Bank, the members of the Bank’s Supervisory Board, our parent bank for its continued support, and most importantly our clients who have chosen to work with us, and I wish all of us great health and success in 2018.

Dr. Bilal Sucubaşı

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