Best interest rates with the new promotional product of Halkbank AD Skopje.

* The product will be active limited period, every WEDNESDAY, until 26.06.2019

  • Minimum amount of depositing : 30.000 MKD /500 EUR
  • Payment of the interest : on the maturity day or monthly
  • Type of interest rate: Fixed
  • Tenor : 13 and 25 months
  • Method of calculation of the interest: proportional method (28/31-365/366)
  • Redepositing: automatically redeposited after the expiry of the deposit period. When redepositing, the interest rates from the general savings with fixed interest rates will be taken which will be valid according to the Decision for passive interest rates.
  • Additional investment on the deposit before the maturity day is not allowed
  • Partial withdrawal from the deposit before the expiring day is not allowed,
    • Early termination, : in early termination of the contract of deposit, the Bank calculates interest with interest rate on demand according to the valid Decision for passive interest rates of the Bank for the whole time in which the funds were deposit.

With monthly payment of interest, the depositor is obliged to return the difference between paid interest and new calculated interest to the Bank or the Bank will deduct from the deposit

You can follow your deposit trough E-banking. If you still don't have transactional account visit the nearest Branch of Halkbank Inc Skopje and be a member of our family.

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Interest rates for deposits with interest payment on maturity or monthly payment

Tenor  Annual interest rates
13 months 1,70% 0,90%
25 months 2,50% 1,50%


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