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E-commerce gives you the oportunity to sell your products throgh internet making your target group bigger than you can imagine. Minimaze your fixed costs, technical investments, Rents, sale personel etc.. and Aplly for E-Commerce to increase your income. You can sale 24/7 and make wider your range of products. Fullfill the application and send or contact us at


The expenses for opening an Internet based shop are significantly lower in comparison with the expenses for opening physical point of sale, because the merchant is freed from the usual and real investments

  • Construction/rent, putting in order and servicing of sale space
  • Technical investments (installations of heating, electricity, water, cashing boxes …)
  • Sale personnel
  • Higher income
  • Working time of web shop is 24/7/365
  • Bigger circuit of buyers- buyers from any part of the world can make payment with VISA and MarsterCard cards issued by any bank in the world. This provides the merchants with a possibility for global trade
  • More approachable and atractive store because the clients has the oportunity to recieve the goods that they order from a web store and to be delivered in their home, work place or anywhere where they prefer
  • Effective promotion by using internet marketing
  • On-line shopping provides time for the client because all the payments that theyr had personally in certain points of sale now can be made from their home or any place with internet access with theirVISA and MasterCard debit or credit card

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