With denar deposit

If you have e term deposit in Halk banka and you need a loan but you don't want to lose the interest of the deposit Halk Banka offers you the best solution for your need by offering a loan with deposit


Halk Banka offers you long term loan with deposit and low fees

Rates and fees

  • Amount: According to the deposit amount, minimum 100% coverage 
  • Tenor: up to 240 months
  • Interest rate: 2% interest margin over the interest rate of the deposit annually
  • Collateral: 100% blocked deposit in Halkbank 
  • Up-front fee: No up-front fee.
  • Fee for control in the Loan Register: 200,00 MKD ( the fee is paid before the payment of the loan and it is not paid for declined or canceled reguestes).
  • no fee for prepayment
  • possibility for annually /quarterly release of deposit


Do I need another collateral for the loan?

Halk Banka takes the deposit as collateral an there is no need of guarantors.

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