Be in touch with your money and have an easy access to your funds 24/7.

Visa Electron and Maestro debit cards are bringing your funds everywhere in a safety and easy transferable way. Both cards can be used domestically and abroad, as well as for internet payments and provide an opportunity to spend the available funds on your account as well as your overdraft. Don't miss the chance to travel and make shopping around in the world with Visa Electron and Maestro. You can apply for your Debit Card through our nearest Branch by fullfilling the application.


  • You can easily and quickly perform your banking transactions at Halkbanks ATM network and pay for your purchases without carrying cash with you.
  • Aside from Halkbanks ATM network, you can also use other banks ATM’s in Macedonia and abroad where the Maestro or Visa logo is present
  • You can make transactions on Internet and be actively involved in E- Commerce market.
  • The money you spend are immediately debited to your account and you have overview and control over all you transactions made by your debit cards. You can apply for your debit card's through our nearest Branch by fullfilling the application.
  • If you want to be informed about every transaction through SMS please fullfill and send the Application for SMS Info to the nearest Branch.

Rates and Fees

Visa Electron & Maestro
Cash withdrawals at ATM`s of Halk Bank No fee
Account statement on the ATM`s of Halk Bank No fee
Cash withdrawals at ATM`s of other Banks 2% minimum 120 MKD
Fee for preparation of debit card No fee
Fee for preparation of debit card of current accounts holders in Halk Bank No fee
Fee for preparation of additional debit card No fee
Replacement of damaged debit card (reissuance of debit card and PIN) 300,00 MKD
Cash withdrawals on counters of the Bank No fee
Cash withdrawals on counters of the other Banks 2% minimum, 120 MKD
Fee for card blocking No fee
Fee for card unblocking 60,00 MKD
Fee for unfounded claim 600,00 MKD


What is the differnce between the debit and credit card?

Debit card is connected to a transaction account. The card provides the cardholder with the opportunity to spend available funds of the transaction account including the approved overdraft. The card can also be used for internet payments Credit Card is an international revolving credit card which is intended to be used for payments at merchants, cash withdrawal at ATM’s in domestic country and abroad. The revolving credit is the approved credit which is automatically renewable, which the bank approved to the applicant upon the request for issuing a credit card. For each successful transaction the available credit limit decreases, while with each monthly repayment of the debt, the credit limit is available to the credit cardholder for spending. The card can also be used for internet payments.

What documents are required for applying for debit card?

Filled debit card application and copy of personal ID.

How long does it take for the new card to reach me?

It takes 2 days for the card to arrive in the Branch for which the same customer will be notified with sms message to raise it in the appropriate Branch in which he applied.

What is overdraft and can I get it?

An overdraft is a credit limit loaded to you current transaction account. This means that you have the convenience of borrowing on the same account that is used for your daily banking transactions. To get an overdraft you need to contact the Branch in your area where our colleagues will check your credit worthiness and give you the appropriate documentation for which you can apply for an overdraft.

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